Headhunting is a discreet way of identifying relevant candidates to a relevant role. We will not advertise the position and will only contact relevant candidates and encourage them to apply.

The first step of the process is to work out a profile of the desired candidate. You may have an idea about what profile you are looking for, but our experience about the business in general will contribute to a better profiling. When the desired profile has been determined, we will start up the screening process for relevant candidates. When we find a profile matching your requirements, we will make contact and invite the profile for a non-committing interview. We will identity what it will take to get the profile onboard and will pass this information on to you. If the demands are within the frames of the job, we will setup a meeting where you can discuss details. We will assist you during your negotiation and ensure that you have access to latest relevant statistics supporting you in your decisions regarding the offered compensation package. We will contact both you and the candidate after 3 months to ensure that your co-operation is progressing in a positive way.

Headhunting only works if you are prepared to offer an attractive compensation package and depending on the profiles qualifications, a sign-on fee.

Our prerequisites for success:

Our results are based on a structured approach not only to the process itself, but even more important to the strategic work we perform daily to be visible in the market with the purpose of creating a constant inbound flow of relevant candidates that register with us.


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