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We focus on every single assignment individually and keep our clients updated with all relevant information. We never disclose any of our communication with a third party, and we ensure that our clients are promoted in the most professional manner. We understand the nature of the business, and it is in our interest to identify candidates who will not only be able to fulfil the professional obligations, but also fit into your organisation.

Executive search and selection
A fully-facilitated public process – recruitment of C-level positions.

A fully-facilitated process operated without any public presence – recruitment of specific and hard-to-find candidates.

Search and selection
A fully facilitated process.

Basic search and selection
We take care of all the hard work and only deliver interviewed candidates that fulfil the objective criteria and fit into your organisation.

We ensure that relevant candidates are applying for the job and forward all candidates that fulfil the objective criteria, based on CV and application.


“When we needed a skilled engineer for our R&D department, we contacted MARPRO. They helped us through the entire process, from defining the candidate profile to the interviews and selection of the right candidate, working very fast and professional at all tasks. They saved us for a lot of time, and we are sure that we got the best candidate, thanks to MARPRO!”

Keld Lambert