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MARPRO is well connected in the global maritime business. We can assist you with identifying relevant business partners world-wide. The service is offered on a “no cure, no pay” basis, but a start-up fee or promotion package is mandatory when we start up the assignment.

Background of Partner Match:

The founder of MARPRO Jakob le Fevre has extensive experience with sales in the maritime business. He has been responsible for agencies in Denmark for companies like Becker Marine Systems, Schottel, Ensolve and Jets Vacuum Systems and has build up world-wide agency networks for Becker Marine UK (Formerly Schilling Hamworthy) and G&O. He has participated in numerous agent symposiums on a global base. Experience from both sides of the table allows him to fully understand the challenges in a mutual beneficial co-operation.

When starting the recruitment company MARPRO, Jakob le Fevre was approached by old contacts in the business who wanted assistance to expand the global sales network. After performing several assignments,  Jakob le Fevre developed a highly effective Search & Selection process that is now offered as a package names Partner Match at a very attractive price.

Jakob le Fevre explains: "Most Sales Manager are very busy and have the eyes fixed on the next quarterly budget targets. Expanding the sales network is not a quick fix. It takes time to build a good business partner up. That is why, this process is very often neglected. Our experience from the past, is that many companies mostly chose a business partner without thorough research and then utilize a trial and error principle. But,  setting up a partnership is an large investment. Not only economically, even more critical is the valuable time wasted.

We apply thorough research and are normally able to bring forward a number of companies that fulfill the objective criteria. That improves a company´s position in a negotiation and eliminates the risk of choosing the wrong agent. Especially in Europe, we have strong legislation protecting agents - it can be an expensive process to terminate an agent contract.

We strongly believe that our service is extremely relevant for exporting companies, that our global network within the maritime business is second-to-none and that our proven methods would improve most companies world-wide distribution. We can match with agents, dealers, distributors or any other legal entity that you want to partner with.

This service is the reason for our slogan - "We connect People and Companies".


  1. Clarification meeting: To understand your requirements and the products and services you offer.
  2. Research phase: We will promote the option, target relevant companies and encourage them to apply for the partnership.
  3. Screening phase: We invite a relevant contact from the applicant company to an interview to discuss the opportunity in detail.
  4. Report: You will receive a report with contact details of the shortlisted companies and our input.
  5. Contract:You will only pay for the service, if you close a contract with a relevant company.


“We have been working together with MARPRO and their Partner Match programme to search for potential new distributors in Turkey. MARPRO worked very professionally with our case, and it was a short and effective process, seeking out and selecting a handful of relevant partners to meet. By outsourcing this process, we were able to speed up the process while saving internal resources without compromising on our requirements for future sales partners. Our next job with MARPRO is a Partner Match process for future partners in the USA.”

Ole Eriksen
Sales Director

Satisfied clients

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