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Partner Match

Most companies in the maritime business reach a point where they realize that representation in other countries could be an advantage. Setting up a company or even a representative office is rather expensive. That is the reason most companies start with agent representation based on a pure commission based deal. Finding the right agent is not an easy task. Many agent companies just want to secure the contract to show they have a broad portfolio of products but are mainly working with inbound sales.

As a principal, you want an agent who are economically solid enough to invest time and travel expenses in the partnership. You want an agent that can open new doors. You want an agent with the right educational background and a network in the territory. On top of this, if they have an existing product portfolio, it should match the new products to ensure a clear concept. If you e.g. want to promote stainless steel pipes, an agent representing sanitary systems could be an idea.

These agents are not easy to identify, it is time consuming and we see that this is sometimes done with the left hand while the right hand is busy reaching sales targets with the existing organization.

Our experience is that choosing the right agent is crucial for your success with the concept. You should consider outsourcing this.  Jakob le Fevre who oversees this service, have built up and maintained agent networks on a global scale 3 times during his career working for international suppliers. He has strong relations to companies acting as agent’s worldwide and the right background to fully understand your needs.

The concept is simple, we take a meeting in person or skype, we will understand your products, known your competitors and you define the area you want representation in. Based on this we will start the research phase. We can advertise the opportunity through our channels and we will contact relevant companies directly.