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We have one mission with an outplacement – to get the candidate back into the right job as soon as possible.

The sessions include

Interview in person or by video.

  • Detailed review of your CV, your application and your LinkedIn presence and a report of possible improvements.
  • A picture taken by a professional photographer for CV and LinkedIn.
  • Coaching in the job search process.
  • Job interview training.
  • Six months open inbound telephone/email for relevant questions.


A dismissed candidate is associated with a MARPRO career consultant who acts as a sparring partner throughout the course. The course is based on three modules of 2-3 hours’ duration which must be completed by personal attendance. Each course is adapted to current needs. The advisor is available between meetings by email and telephone. After the three modules, there is a follow-up on a monthly basis. The dismissal is followed up throughout the process from resignation to a new job or termination. The process lasts up to six months from the first meeting.

We aim to understand the candidate´s personal situation. In addition to offering advice regarding professional matters, we strive to find the best solution in order to establish an appropriate balance between the candidate’s work and private life.



Module 1 

  • Introduction
  • The candidate presents his / her story
  • Requirements of a new job
  • Reactions to change
  • Review of CV, applications and LinkedIn profile
  • Activity plan

Module 2 

  • Follow-up conversation
  • Follow up on activities
  • Review of targeted application, CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Jobs through networking
  • Job search as a process

Module 3

  • Follow-up conversation
  • Follow up on activities
  • Training in telephone follow-up
  • Interview training
  • Preparation for analyses and tests
  • Body language
  • Preparing for the job interview