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MARPRO acts as an employment agency for freelancers and consultants with a maritime background.


  1. Together, we define your needs
  2. We will send you a proposal for co-operation
  3. Once approved, we will start up the assignment
  4. You receive a report with suitable consultants for the job
  5. You decide which consultants you would like to invite for an interview
  6. The contract is signed and the consultant can start

You will be invoiced by MARPRO based on the agreed hour rate and conditions. We operate under no cure - no pay terms.

Example of consultants in our database

Background as a marine engineer and offers: Maritime Consulting, Superintendent at dockings, Preparing of docking specifications, Superintendent under repair after casualties, Projects such as newbuildings and refurbishments, Reflagging of vessel, Connection between owner and contractors.

Technical Consultant

Technical Supervision, Site Manager, Newbuilding Manager, Site Manager Dockings


More and more profiles are interested in the flexibility an independent working life offers and companies see and advantage in the flexibility to hire and fire faster. This tendency is clear in various industries like e.g. the IT industry, where a vast use of consultants have been the standard for years.

As the maritime business is a project based business, MARPRO believes that it is only a question of time before we will see a wide use of consults in the maritime industry too. With our extensive industry knowledge , it is natural for us to conceptualize this demand into an concept that is attractive both for consultants and companies.

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