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Established in 2013, MARPRO  is a maritime recruitment and consultancy company, specialising in talented maritime and shipping profiles to skilled maritime companies. MARPRO can assist with Headhunting & Search and Selection of relevant profiles and act as an employment agency for consultants and freelancers.

In addition to maritime recruitment, MARPRO can also assist you as a consultancy company in identifying relevant business partners worldwide with our PartnerMatch service. The company and its employees are experienced and well connected in the global maritime business, and can ensure our clients we commit to identify the most potential partners.

Our strongest asset is our extensive network within the maritime business, and our online and social media presence, that we have carefully build up. Closely integrated to MARPRO, we make use of strong channels to reach the market and the community. We like to inform the maritime community with the latest knowledge, and using Maritime Professionals we publish the latest news, events and jobs to our readers. Every week, we publish a newsletter to more than 15,000 subscribers. Our members can follow the Linkedin groups Maritime Professionals and Maritime Deck Officers with more than 65,000 members.

Our prices are competitive and we operate under no cure - no pay terms. Most important, we focus on every on clients needs, hence we focus on every single assignment individually. We keep our clients updated with all relevant information, we never disclose any of our communication with a third party and we ensure that our clients are promoted in the most professional manner.

Extensive experience, global network and focus on clients needs are the reason we excel in maritime recruitment and consultancy.