Search & Selection

The strongest asset is people

As a recruiting company, we do not only strive to find the right profile to solve the job. We find it equally important to find a profile that matches the employer organization, whether it is a small/mid sizes organizations or large corporations.

Deep understanding of the global maritime business

We strongly believe that hands-on experience is required to fully understand the business and to be able to find the right profiles to a specific task. Even though people tend to describe the maritime business as a common denominator for all the various sectors, MARPRO understands that each sector has its own culture.

Cultural understanding

Even though MARPRO is located in Denmark, we believe that the key to success in the maritime business is to understand and embrace the cultural diversity on a global scale.

Prepare to be challenged

At the initial meeting with a MARPRO Consultant, you should expect to be asked a lot of questions. It is our mission to fully understand your organization, your team and your company culture before we start looking for new talent.