I have worked with Jakob, while he was at Becker Marine.During this period we enjoyed good cooperation and Jakob offered good support and service to our company.

Per Gullestrup

Partner at Clipper Group(DK)
Jakob is a pro-active highly proficient forward thinking sales professional with exceptional interpersonal skills. He builds relationship easily at all levels within an organisation to deliver real business results. He's also great fun to be with.

Paul Luen

CEO / Owner at Martek Group and Coptrz (UK)
Jakob have been responsible for selling our Products to Danish customers - I have learned to know him as a serious businessman with a clear view and a clear mind - but most of all I know him as an excelent relation builder, building relations between people, and hence between companies. I give him my best recommendations.

Jan Tore Leikanger

CEO at Jets Vacuum AS (NO)
Jakob is a dynamic, intelligent person. He was instrumental in forging a relationship with our company to help distribute our products to the Maritime community. He took the time to visit our facility in the U.S. and worked with our team in integrating our product in G&O's product line.

Jason Caplan

CEO at Ensolve Biosystems (USA)
I got to know Jakob le Fevre as a well organized, very motivated and hard working marine guy. He as a great knowledge about the market and a strong network in the marine industry.

Tim Kutcher

Managing Director at Marine & Offshore Equipment (DE)
Jakob is an outstanding personality with a high degree of professionalism. He is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable professional with a broad range of business understanding. His corporate management background is enabling him in having a broad understanding in many areas of the business. Jakob has managed engagements always with a great sense of collaboration as well as respect and understanding of a diverse range of cultures. He has great problem solving skills, which are critical in complex work environments, plus the ability to effortless build solid relationships at any level. Very competent and gets the job done right. I will recommend Jakob any time.

Sönke Herting

Logistics and Procurement Superintendent at Swire Blue Ocean (DK)
I got to know Jakob during my time at A.P. Moeller. I was impressed with Jakobs resilience and ability to keep morale high among everybody during times of great mental and physical pressure. Jakob enjoyed high esteem at all levels of the shipboard organization.

Mads Albér

Cheif Operating Officer at ZITON (DK)
Jakob is very dynamic and full of energy. He is not watching things happen, he make things happen. Furthermore he is got a fine personality.

Kim Martinsen

CEO and Co-Founder at Seasat A/S (DK)
Jakob was headhunted to start up a new Danish navigation department for SAM Electronics GmbH. The new navigation department is placed in the SAM Electronics owned firm AMPLIDAN A/S. Jakob has right from the beginning been very dedicated to his work and no assignment has been to complicated for him. He is a very hard working person and a very skilled director. I have always enjoyed working with him and he has an excellent drive. Jakob is an innovative thinker and I can certainly only give Jakob my very best recommendation - he is an asset for any organisation he is working for.

Christian Madsen Skytte

Sales Manager at Wärtsila Lyngsø Marine (DK)
There are only a select few REAL business professionals that I have met in the course of my 20 years in the marine industry. Jakob is one of those few! A friendly, straightforward person with vision and commitment in adundance. I can recommend him at the highest level.

Steve Coulson

Managing Director at Coptrz (UK)
Jakob is a dedicated, enthusiastic, and pragmatic professional. He is interesting to work with and brings to the collaboration insightful, alternative, and often clarifying points of view.

Adam Estrup

Independant Advisor at Fonnesbech & Estrup (DK)
Jacob has a very clear way of presenting complex issues. He takes a long term view, and gets his priorities right.

Michael Prehn

Deputy Director at Danish Maritime (DK)
Jakob is very dedicated to the business and have an impressive perception of the problems or tasks at hand. Where some see limitations Jakob see solutions, and is not afraid to move out of the comfort zone. Jakob get the job done with a proper, energetic, proactive and professional approach.

Mikkel Elsborg

Vice President at PJ Diesel Enginering A/S (DK)