MARPRO can assist with finding specialists working on consultant base and will take care of contractual matters with the consultant. We have good experience with travelling fitters, legal, HSEQ and interim management among others.

Saving you time

You just need to define the task and the competencies that are requested to solve the task. We will then, in co-operation with you create a profile of the consultant we are looking for.

We will then advertise the task. Your company name can be mentioned, but it is not mandatory. We will contact you as soon as we have candidates available that match your requirements.

Saving you money

We will then negotiate the best fee for the consultant and in case you approve the offer, we will then take care of the contractual matters with the consultant.

No employer obligations

You will only deal with MARPRO and you will have no employer obligations.

Out network is world-wide and with MARPRO you can consider if nationality is important - our focus is to find the best profile for the task at the most cost efficient rate.